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Announcing the IJOC Special Issue on Selfies

Two fabulous members of our network, Nancy Baym and Theresa Senft, have edited a special issue of the International Journal of Communication all about selfies. There are a whopping EIGHTEEN new articles on Selfies, plus the introduction by Nancy &

Welcome to Week Five

This week we examine the production, representation and circulation of “subaltern” images online in the context of what we are calling as the “selfie genre”. My co-authors Anca Birzescu, Dinah Tetteh and I have been working on the idea of

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Another Week Five question

Thankyou for stopping by – and I hope you find the week’s module useful for whatever material you are teaching in your class. Also feel free to let us know what you found useful and how you used this module

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Welcome to Week Four: gender, sexuality and dating

Popular commentary on ‘sexy selfies’ has tended to focus on (young) female subjects, and is linked to contemporary debates around the sexualisation of women and girls. However, men and boys also create sexy selfies, which are produced and circulated within a range

Microcelebrity Social Media Selfies

Reflecting on Week three’s work on selfies and microcelebrity, I thought I would share my take on the types of heterosexual feminine scripts microcelebrity social media personalities in Singapore use to convey intimacy and market products to readers. 01 The Beauty regime

A day in the life of a Selfies Researcher

Selfie presentations at conference. Selfie before selfie presentations at conference. Collage of selfies during presentation on selfies. Selfie of presenters of selfie presentations after selfie stream of conference. (L-R: Kath Albury, Fiona Andreallo, Crystal Abidin) Picture of selfie of presenters

Reflecting on celebrity selfies

Last week I taught Week Two, the “celebrity selfie,” to my undergraduate social media seminar. I want to talk a bit about what worked and what didn’t. Worked: Imitating Celebrity Selfies This was a fun assignment for the students, and

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Welcome to week 3: Dataveillance, Biometrics & Facial Recognition

Week three of the selfie course is about machine audiences for our selfies. Although most of us make selfies imagining other humans – or maybe just yourself – as the primary audience, our selfies are also viewed and interpreted by machines.

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Selfies: Your first time?

OH HAI 2001 I’m Terri Senft (New York University, USA), and together with Gaby David (EHESS, France), I’ll be running the online conversations for this week of our Studying Selfies course. I’m excited! Since this week’s topic is selfie and