Author: terrisenft
I teach global media at New York University, and write about digital culture, gender, sexuality, race, celebrity, branding, ethics, and aesthetics.

We are all? I am not?

  This week, we were asked to evaluate three phenomena with regard to identification (i.e. feeling a personal affinity for a position ) and interpellation (i.e. feeling we have been, or could be  ‘hailed as one’ by others.) “I Too

My Pelfie, Myself

This week, we were asked to look through our selfies, and choose one that we felt  might be representative of “life in 2014 in your country.” We were then asked to think about how that photo might read to researchers

Selfies: Your first time?

OH HAI 2001 I’m Terri Senft (New York University, USA), and together with Gaby David (EHESS, France), I’ll be running the online conversations for this week of our Studying Selfies course. I’m excited! Since this week’s topic is selfie and